Saudi Revision of Abdullah Yusuf Ali


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Last Updated: 02-05-2020 19:30


Abdullah Yusuf Ali published in 1934 his Translation and Commentary of Quran in English after 40 years of study and research. He had declared that he was preparing a translation and commentary of Quran in English for the English speaking people and that he was going to use only English words in the Translation. The Saudis revised his work by changing God to Allah, making 14 small word changes in the translation and revising or eliminating less than 10% of his 6,311 comments. They also eliminated many of his introductory Notes and some of his Appendices. Then they began publishing the revised version which was soon adopted by publishers worldwide who began to publish it under the name of Abdullah Yusuf Ali even though it was not really his original work. The Saudi Revised version became known as the work of Abdullah Yusuf Ali while his original work completely disappeared. That is a disservice to the name of the Great Scholar.  

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