Current Plans: 2018 to 2024

The goals for the Muslim Community of USA are set by a Think Tank. There is a detailed description at the iCommunity forum through which the Think Tank gets formed.

The planning is done on a 3 year cycle and a 6 year cycle. The first one is called the Short term planning, and the second one is called the middle term planning. In addition, there is a long term planning which consists of the planning for the 6 year period that will become operational when the current 6 year plan ends. For example, the current short term plan is for the period 2018-2021, the current middle term plan is for the period 2018-2024, and the current long term plan is for the period 2024-2030.

The short term goals constitute the execution of an action plan to achieve the planned goals under the prevailing set of national circumstances and community priorities. The community priorities are set in keeping with the middle term goals which focus less on the prevailing events and more on their trends. The long term plan focuses on the aspirations of the community, but it takes a concrete shape in the form of the “next” 6 year plan; thus ensuring continuity of community priorities and a strategy to respond to the national events, their trends, and their projections over the long time.

The program is robust and enduring, and it does not fluctuate in a reactive mode. The set of short, middle, and long term goals is expressly proactive to achieve the aspirations of the community.

The think tank of the Muslim community in USA sets the goals and their relative priorities, assesses the achievements, and provides a supervisory role for the execution. It looks ahead and formulates the goals for the next cycle of the short and middle term goals beyond the current six year period into the next six year period. The next set of short and midterm goals are thus ready when the time arrives.

Short Term Goals (2018-21)

The current short term goals are as follows.

  1. To develop the platform for the community as described under iCommunity, complete with its technology platform and the services.
  2. To work on the Sociological Transformation within the Muslim community in USA. In particular start the News Journal and the Journal for Muslim Culture.
  3. To induce a political transformation within the community towards getting elected Muslim representatives at all levels in the federal, state, and local governments.
  4. To get reelected the three Muslim Representatives into the US House of Representatives, namely House Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talaib, and Andre Carson.

Mid Term Goals (2018-24)

The middle term goals include the above short term goals. In addition our mid term goals include the following three goals.

  1. Make necessary expansion of the iCommunity platform. This include the expansions of its technological and services section as well as its section for the sociological transformation of the Muslim Community in USA.
  2. Great  participation from the Muslim Community in USA and to obtain the needed financial contributions to further develop the iCommunity platform.
  3. To get elected by 2024 another two House Representatives that are Muslim. Thus by 2024 we will have elected 5 Muslim Representatives in the US House of Representatives.
  4. To diligently work to get elected one Muslim Senator by the 2028 elections, as our long term goal. during the next mid term.

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