Tahir Hussain Faridi reciting Azaan


Welcome to Muslim Voice, the voice of Muslims in USA. It is a project of Muslim Planet initiative; which is a platform for Muslims generally but those in North America particularly. Its mission is to enhance the potential of The Great Muslim Nation to strengthen itself and prosper. Secondarily the platform seeks to educate the rest of the world about Muslim role and contributions in today’s world as well as in the future and the past.

Muslim Voice seeks to provide a platform for the Muslims to express themselves on ideas towards enhancing the role and the potential of the great Muslim Nation in today’s world. For over a millennium the great Muslim Nation has been the flag bearer of peace and prosperity for the world, and they have championed the human values for all the people. Until the 1919 the great Muslim Nation was an economic and military powerhouse championing the human values, and peace and prosperity in the world. It has been about a hundred years since then. In the history of nations 100 years is merely a blink of the eye. The blink is now over: the inhumane oppression of colonialism is gone and the wicked exploitation under neocolonialism is almost over.

Islam is an ever-flowing fountain of strength for all people. It gives the Muslims a generous and sharing heart and an amazing grace in all circumstances. That has helped them through the past 100 years = the blink of slumber. Let the great Muslim Nation now purify the world order from the still ongoing tendencies of colonization in the guise of neocolonialism; from wars of dominance; from practices that dehumanize humans; and from accumulating the resources of Mother Earth for the benefit of the powerful.

It is time for the Muslims to act. We invite you to come to the forum of Muslim Voice. Share those great plans and brilliant ideas that you always wanted to express. It is a forum offering forward looking positivism. It is a forum for Muslims to tell their story in their own experience, for if they do not tell it someone else will tell it in their own style and framework.

All you have to do is register and start contributing. It is a platform of Muslims, designed by Muslims for Muslims. It gives you more choices than other platforms!

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